Child Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking

Are we upholding our obligations under the Optional Protocol on the Sale of Children, Child Prostituton and Child Porngraphy

11-12 November Online
10:00 am - 7:00 pm ACDT

Welcome to the Online Conference

Interdisciplinary Approach to Child Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking, to be held online from 11-12 November 2024. Emma Podbury, a mother and passionate child rights advocate is the organiser. Attend the Global Online Conference and Connect with the World Leaders in Child Protection and Child Rights.
The Online Conference is an event where academics researchers, educators, innovators, and experts from all over the world gather to discuss the latest trends and shared experiences. With a view for the government to take positive corrective remedial action.
There will be dynamic interactive sessions from renowned speakers, debates, and panel discussions.

Combatting Child Trafficking: Safeguarding Our Future

Child trafficking is not just a crime; it's a grave violation of human rights and dignity. Join us at our 2024 conference as we confront the urgent and complex issue of child trafficking and exploitation, seeking solutions to protect the most vulnerable members of our society and safeguard their future.

Understanding the Reality

Child trafficking is a harsh reality affecting millions of children worldwide. From forced labor and sexual exploitation to organ trafficking and forced marriage, the forms of exploitation are varied and devastating. Through in-depth analysis and firsthand accounts, we shed light on the mechanisms of trafficking and the impact on children's lives.

Legal Framework and International Obligations

The Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on the sale of children, child prostitution, and child pornography provides a crucial framework for combatting child trafficking. Delve into the legal aspects and international obligations surrounding child trafficking, exploring how countries like Australia are addressing this issue within their legislative frameworks.

Data and Realities: Insights from the Field

Gain insights from experts and practitioners working on the front lines of the fight against child trafficking. Explore the latest data and trends, including the alarming statistics from the ACCCE Child Protection Triage Unit, to better understand the scope and severity of the problem. Learn about innovative strategies and successful interventions aimed at preventing trafficking and supporting survivors.

Empowering Communities: Collaborative Action

Ending child trafficking requires a concerted effort from governments, law enforcement, civil society, and communities. Discover how collaborative approaches can disrupt trafficking networks, provide protection and support to victims, and hold perpetrators accountable. Explore ways to strengthen community resilience and create environments where children are safe from exploitation and abuse.

Taking Action: Towards a Future Free from Exploitation

As we confront the harsh realities of child trafficking, we are also inspired by the resilience and courage of survivors. Together, let's commit to taking meaningful action to combat trafficking, protect children's rights, and build a future where every child can grow up free from fear and exploitation. Join us in this crucial conversation and be a part of the solution.

Goals and Objectives for the Conference

By attending the conference, you'll gain valuable insights into the most up-to-date research and technology, hear inspiring stories from innovative practitioners, share best practices, and develop key strategies for driving effective change.

Who Attends?

This cutting-edge, multi-disciplinary training is essential for professionals working with children, such as social workers, law enforcement officers, prosecutors, mental health and medical professionals, school personnel, daycare providers, community members, and many others.

Why Attend?

  • To gain an understanding of the intricate world of child sexual exploitation, the conference will delve into real-life scenarios. Through these discussions, the aim is to enlighten participants about the significant effects on children and young people in such circumstances.
  • Enhance your methods of protecting vulnerable children by acknowledging and addressing the obstacles you encounter. Subsequently, devise innovative solutions that are applicable to your responsibilities.
  • Identify the issue by examining different forms of sexual exploitation, stay updated on relevant legislation, pinpoint vulnerabilities and signs, and explore efficient services to create effective response plans.

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We are pleased to share that the following speakers will be presenting:
Dr Kate Richardson
Head of Safeguarding
National Crime Agency (NCA)
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Peter Dupont
Director/Senior Lead Investigator
Underground Child Foundation
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Annabelle Turner
CyberSafe Scotland
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The call for abstracts for the conference are now open. We encourage submissions from all backgrounds and students. Please click here to submit your abstract.


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